Guidemasters' Statement Regarding The Department of Conservations’ Tahr Cull

To proceed with this cull at a time when hunting outfitters/guides are already hurting, is simply “adding salt to our wounds”.

The lack of consultation from DoC is disappointing. There appears to be an ideological desire to rid NZ of these animals, in spite of their globally threatened status, and to the detriment of New Zealanders, both public and commercial, who utilise them in a sustainable way for food or commercial gain.

DoC ideology would have you believe that these animals are destroying native plants, but surely if that were the case, there would be none of these plants left after 117 years of grazing by Tahr? Merino sheep (and hares) have grazed the exact same habitat for longer and have a similar diet and tracking impact, yet DoC are less inclined to fly around in gun-ships shooting them. Let us hope that common sense prevails so that these beautiful animals may continue to thrive in our beautiful country.

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